More things people said on The Guardian about gingers

I read the comments and I liked it.

An edited highlight of the glorious conjecture and outrage from the comments section following the article on The Guardian entitled ‘Ginger Snaps: Portraits of red-heads in Russia and Scotland’.  For the original comments see the foot of this post.  The work is exhibited at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery during September 2017 as part of the FLOW international photography festival.


This suffers from being unengaging. It looks like a high street photographer's promo - free portrait session if you're ginger. Might have been more interesting if everyone was ginger AND had webbed feet or the subjects were people who had dyed their hair ginger because they felt insecure and left out.

Couldn't agree less. One picture may be, but a collection like this is wonderful. How similar we all are and yet so different but all unique. People watching but at an intense level. 


Rubbish, from a proud ginger.

Well, you bit on the clickbait! 


It was news to me that there are rising tensions between Scotland and Russia. Weird comment to add to an otherwise beautiful set of pictures. 


This is becoming a tiresome photographic trend. A photographer should take portraits of people for who they are, not because of a superficial trait, like hair colour. 
Furthermore, the colour is totally off in these photos. There is too much yellow-green in their hair. 


Agree about the colour. Also terribly over processed for my taste.
Some seems literally green about the gills.
But, hey... whatever turns you on. Priestley 
So you'll have no objections to 'Coco Pops' prefacing articles about black people then? 


They can pick whatever subject they want to and I can have whatever opinion about it that I want to. There are dozens of these series on photographic sites and this is the least inspired I've seen, despite having good subjects. That's because these photos are only about the hair, not the person wearing it.

Fantastic portraits technically, BUT what great looking people too. They need to be CELEBRATED, not persecuted, especially the kids. 


The Viking influence? 

Mark Norman

Absolutely it is. Russian's are descended from the Rus' people, who are basically a mix of Norsemen (from Scandanavia - re: Vikings) and Mongol/Caucasians from the East. Get The Grade Get The Grade 
I believe "Russia" took it's name from the colour red - were the Russian people originally red heads? 


Actually I think it's related to an old term for people from Sweden.. rus, or men who row.. referring to longboats used by the Volga Vikings that made their way across Russia as far as the middle east. The Finnish for Sweden is also related.. 

Ruotsi SouthernStar1010 

Rus = Vikings, the Vikings travelled down the Eastern European rivers and settled in what is now Ukraine mixing over time with the local Slavic tribes. Some Slavs from Ukraine moved to what is now Russia later on.

Mark Norman 
Most definitely you can tell. I think it's mainly in the eyes and also the clothing, but there are small indicators facially too. Very interesting. 


It's interesting that St Andrew is the patron of Scotland and Russia. Are there many redheads in Greece where he's also the patron?

ecclefechan ecclefechan

Why would the patron Saint whose only physical connection is through bought relics influence the colour of a country's citizens hair?


Oh dear, I did wonder if anyone would take my post seriously… 


I believe it's the other way around - the red hair came to Scotland from North Caucasus - now Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Siberian red hair originates from Caucasus too. 


Roy Brian is the most Scottish looking person ever. 

Leslie Cooper

"Stop exoticising me!!”


These pictures make my heart sing. My husband is ginger and our four children (including twins) are also ginger. Sometimes sitting outside in the evening just when the light turns shows my family as the most beautiful collection of people ever. It's like they all have a copper and gold fire around their faces..... I couldn't be more proud of them. 


I can't imagine I could convince anyone to accompany me to the Photography festival to look at ginger people. So thanks, Guardian, for bringing the ginger people to me.


Why are all the Russians only from Perm?


I imagine because that's where the photographer went for his project, and solicited for subjects, which takes time to arrange. It's not a very mobile operation.


This is precisely the same as prejudice towards people because of their skin colour. Red hair is genetic and intrinsic to a person's biology and therefore a racial characteristic. It is abhorrent to target an alienate an individual due to their hair type - Imagine if the same criticisms were directed towards those who have other hair colours that characterise their ancestry


That ginger slave trade and holocaust tho. 


Vote for kid rock 

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